Alessandro Civati

Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity

Articles Collection – Part 1

In our connected world, the imminent cybercrime threat highlights the need for comprehensive cybersecurity. This publication explores data breach intricacies, promoting a holistic strategy merging tech and human vigilance. It stresses fostering security culture and training to combat evolving threats. Addressing cyber incidents, especially in remote work, urges teamwork between security and IT. Trends like ransomware, IoT issues demand advanced security. Persistent skill shortages call for training. Emerging 5G and AI offer chances and challenges. 5G needs AI-backed security for expanded attacks. Machine learning’s impact on industries, data management, threat ID. Author delves into facial recognition, AI effects on privacy, ethics. Blockchain’s potential in finance, food, education stressed, with green solutions. Exploration offers insights into cyber, AI, blockchain, equipping readers for ethical navigation.

ISBN: 978-88-98142-47-7
Anno di Pubblicazione: 2023